See it yourself...

See it yourself...

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Difficulty at the Beginning – the Freak

I more and more behaved inconveniently. It was strange. I felt 'strange'? Not really. It was more so my mind... Read More "Difficulty at the Beginning – the Freak"

Innocent Martyr seeing

Am I cheating myself? Who the ....? What is going on ....? I'm not used to this behavior. I'm not pleasing... Read More "Innocent Martyr seeing"

This Crisis With Identity 2

The crisis, the heavy feeling, the not knowing where to go, what to do, where to belong come from the... Read More "This Crisis With Identity 2"

Nothing Really Matters

...and yet it all does. We are here to live our life. This is the time to start with yourself... Read More "Nothing Really Matters"

…and the Witness Returns

We are all part of a bigger evolutionary movement and we all have been trapped.Trapped by our intelligence, clever thinking... Read More "…and the Witness Returns"

The Prove Master

I wanted to be better and make the world a better place. I wanted to be on it, to feel... Read More "The Prove Master"

A Life Lived on Your own Terms

What might a life lived on your own terms look like? Others may shake their head. They may not like... Read More "A Life Lived on Your own Terms"

Mind – less Achievements

I don’t have a voice for the future. I can’t plan ten years ahead or have a list of goals... Read More "Mind – less Achievements"