A Life Lived on Your own Terms
A Life Lived on Your own Terms

A Life Lived on Your own Terms

What might a life lived on your own terms look like?

Others may shake their head. They may not like it. They may talk about you. They may not understand you.

There are great chances that they are angry, frustrated, bitter, disappointed. Your behavior may trigger them.

People may be shocked.

But what you do and how you live your life is not about them. It is about you in the first place. 

It starts with you.

Living your life. Fulfilling your purpose. Moving along your trajectory. 

It is the possibility to take a step back from the homogenized mass and to find your place in the moving and ever-changing constellation of forces.

Finding real peace, true satisfaction, success, a damn surprising life. 

Having stopped being busy with the things that are not for you. Therefore you don’t waste your energy.

You live a much healthier life.

A new life opens up inside. That’s the real life. Your life.

When you live that and you’ve let go that ‘this’ is you you can watch and take part in evolution in a different way.