A Universal Shit – Show
A Universal Shit – Show

A Universal Shit – Show

Digging into old personal notes I had to laugh. I wanted to find out who I was. I wanted to know what I want in life. I was looking for direction and love and a lot more.

Nobody had told me about Human Design. I had not seen my BodyGraph. Didn’t know how things work for me. For this 3/5 Profile and Reflector body. But now, I have the possibility to see. 

At moments it was like a universal shit-show.

Having Gate 25 – the gate of universal love – in my Personality Sun. At times, it was like Michael was speaking/writing.

Years and years of challenges. I had my spiritual beliefs, spiritual practices. The spirit did not deliver. The mind was over and over changing things up so that they looked better. I changed my perspective and things became better. I did my practices, used my tools, set my intentions. Oh, the mind. The mind could help me to process whatever was there to process, like saying it is a process rather than seeing the faults in the whole issue.

When things didn’t work out the mind had an excuse and it came up with a new idea. Because everything is love. You know. So, who am I to judge my job or the relationship that didn’t work out as wished. Who am I to judge that situation. No, it is part of the path. Or, another one …the blame game… it is because of you. Because you do not love yourself and your situation as it is. So there you go, things don’t work out.

Entertaining stories has the mind. 

This is the time for our form to lead us in our life.