Live Life Fully
Live Life Fully

Mind – less Achievements

I don’t have a voice for the future. I can’t plan ten years ahead or have a list of goals I want to achieve.

Some people have this and some people have that. But when we each live our personal this and that and utilize correct decision making that’s when we comfortably can move into the future and surrender to the path.

In the past, I had these plans, a huge goal, a list of steps to make it happen. Now, I can see where it came from and that these were mistakes I had to make in order to see it now.

For some people, it is natural to have goals and to achieve them but the mind is nobody’s authority for making decisions.

I remember how it felt being driven, the pressure, holding tight to my vision, and trying to figure it all out.

I wanted to break my limitations with imagination. Thinking bigger, improving agendas. Mind-less would make it less unnatural to believe what openness can’t believe and non-energy cannot achieve. Using strategies to manipulate my nature when that’s all that I’m given and more than enough.

We, humans, are just so easily hooked and run by personality programming.

We – our mind – can be so stupid thinking we are masters and can rule the world, or even our life, still this pattern. But it’s over. It is over.