*Coaching – Agenda of Mind
*Coaching – Agenda of Mind

*Coaching – Agenda of Mind

Who would have thought? But after all, it’s not about making decisions with your mind.

As much as I loved coaching, was trained as a Coach, and wanted to make a difference in the world with coaching – it was a mind trap.

We’ve all gone through some of these self-development programs. We wanted to overcome this or that issue. We wanted to be our best selves. We wanted to grow into better humans.

Coaching, setting goals, making plans, figuring things out, even with applying embodiment tools – it all happened with the mind. 
When the mind sets the agenda it is mind.

When the mind thinks and wishes to be more in the body it is the mind ruling over the body.

As nice as all of the improvement tools are the mind cannot know the correct direction for the body / for you. The mind is not here to make decisions for you.

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation that slaps you right in the face and helps you to drop your strategies from the past.

Now, we can look at our individual genetic make-up, see how we make correct decisions (not with the mind), be who we are, and let the body ‘do’.

The mind can watch 🙂