Difficulty at the Beginning – the Freak
Difficulty at the Beginning – the Freak

Difficulty at the Beginning – the Freak

I more and more behaved inconveniently. It was strange. I felt ‘strange’? Not really. It was more so my mind freaking out or asking something like “is this real? do you really not rather want to keep going?”

Keep going??? Like the Generators? No. I’m not a damn Generator. And yes, this change, change of behavior, change of direction doesn’t happen with the mind. It happens out of alignment when you operate correctly with your ‘tools.’ You

  • live your Type and
  • you apply Strategy & Authority to your decisionmaking process.

I had broken the bond with the biggest company in the country. I was in a training to become a puppet of the Wa. I was trained in a group of +/-15 people to be of service ( to the program?) and follow the rules. Anyway, as much as my body said yes, yes, and yes, after being initiated, after having gone through waiting a monthly cycle, even cycles, things changed after two months. I seemed to lose my Type. 

That’s not possible but I felt overly conditioned. Conditioned by that group, by being in Aura with these people there were effects that I felt in my body. I was so exhausted. I needed whole weekends to recover a little, was no longer having all the energy to go there as I had in the beginning. I was quickly irritated and was often not able to answer (/respond, like the Generators, most of the people were Generators in that group), I was not able to answer questions effectively. Even that seems to speak for itself. 

The environment with its pressure, the timetable, the schedule, and the competitiveness, was not made for me to stay there longer. So, after watching and waiting a month I saw myself break the bond. 

Now, it becomes clearer that many of the jobs that I see are job offers for Generators.

The biggest part of the system and the structures of the work environment is strategic. With fixed rules and rhythms. 

Now, during the time that I no longer comply with these rules, it is a ‘strange’ process. I see a majority of people hanging in there in ignorance, struggling, or pretending to be okay and they are not. They feel the resistance at one point or another. 

There is another way. Coming to our decision-making process and first of all, living our Type. That’s what we can try and see how the experience of life is then.