And its not about judging something and weighing it as better than something else.

We are conditioned since early on in our lives. Learning to eat, walk, speak, behave a certain way are all forms of conditioning.

The tricky thing is, and it happened to all of us to some degree, when we are conditioned away from our nature. You probably all know some of these… “You have to finish your plate. Other people have nothing to eat.” – “When you behave properly you will get a present.” -“You have to close your jacket or you will become sick.” …or another one “You should be grateful for what you have.”

You ‘should’ or you ‘have to’ stem from an agenda of the mind. It declares things have to be a certain way. Or people should behave in specific manners.

When we see our BodyGraph we get an image of our natural imprint. What is defined and what is open. We start to see the areas where we might have been conditioned away from our nature and what is defined. You can begin to discover what of your conditioning was a necessary part of your life and what of it was just bullshit.