Shocking Attraction
Shocking Attraction

Shocking Attraction

I began to see the shocking truth and it was painful. 
And that’s just a label from the mind for the experience. 

When you see that with your openness you’ve lived on ~200 % amplification of these open centers themes/energy that’s a shock.

You’ve lived out what you are not. You’ve amplified what you are not. You’ve thought it is your will, your drive, your life force, your emotion, your … whatever open centers you have. But it was not.

You’ve identified with what wasn’t you. You’ve experienced it and it seemed to be part of you. Although inconsistent.

Your attraction to what you are not is strong.

But as long as you take it as yours it isn’t clean. It’s like you’re trying to get a clear radio signal and you get a terrible sound frequency. Or you are watching a Netflix movie and the receiving is distorted.

What frequency are you putting out in the world? It’s not a blame game. It’s an offer to come home to what has always been inside you.