For about 90 percent of humans there is a great challenge in being with what is.

Not initiating action, conversation, movement, sensation.

They have difficulties to be with their experienced emotions, their current feelings, their discomfort. They might even define it as pain. Emotional, spiritual, and/or physical pain translated by the mind.

When we keep on and keep on and keep on with it we will forever live a life based on false identifications. For some, even with the above mentioned.

The chemical process of transformation in the body happens when we learn to be with it. When we sit, stay, stand with whatever goes on in our life, at this moment.

We are not used to this, waiting, surrendering, and waiting for things and people to come to us. If we cannot be alone in discomfort we will forever live a life based on what we are not.

Looking for answers, distractions outside take us away from our inner landscape which is truly ours to explore.
This inner landscape does awaken when you let it. This inner treasury starts to reveal its gifts when you stop to be busy, when you stop, when you feel what’s going on in the body, you let it be.

The challenge becomes an art. The art of discovering yourself in this life.