The Personality can spend a great time indulging in the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings of transformation. Often unfamiliar (labeled) feelings coming from Not-Self Minds identifying with Open Centers.

So, what happens? We stay in the conditioned patterns. It is not common to break out of homogenized humanity.

The potential to be unique and to live a fulfilled life beyond any expectation lies in each one of us.

We have to be able to be with the discomfort. We have to allow ourselves to go this path alone. Let companions show up naturally. Not clinging onto other people for comfort or sharing the misery of the process and encouraging Not-Self behavior.

The teacher that I had in the Live Your Design Course, Sjef Romijn, was kind of strict with Not-Self questions and sharing of our process during the course. That was different from courses I participated in in the past and also other courses that came after this. It was strange in the beginning. But, now I can see its value. He was the Role Model for us. His job was to present the material in his unique way and to support us in Living our Design. 

And in that, he did a damn well job. There are not many like him.

I see Human Design professionals who still incorporate homogenized styles of learning or are swirling around in some Not-Self behavior. I mean, yes we can share what we’ve experienced so far and see how parts of our experiences relate to our Charts but for the most part, it is Not-Self. Trying to prove, or looking for attention, asking questions that don’t matter, trying to be certain and so forth and so on.

When you are confronted with the truth there is no necessity to share. Just staying with the truth. Feeling it. Being with it. And this can be uncomfortable. But it leads you to you. What always has been inside – your true Nature. 

It’s all part of the journey. There is nothing bad about the Not-Self. After all, it is a journey of watching. Watching how you have been identifying with all sorts of thoughts, energies, emotions, intuitions, pressures that you’ve experienced that have not been your Nature. And then, watching what is passing through and getting to know the differences.