Most mother’s know how it is when you are a mother, you want to support your child and everything that comes along with it. You make sacrifices. You give up your individuality many times. You strengthen the bond. You do your best. You do it for the kids. This is all rooted in a tribal system.

The thematic of family, the beliefs of how a family has to function, the assumptions of the distribution of roles within a family. We’ve heard it from our mother and father, grandmother and grandfather how to be a good parent, or not. We’ve learned it in school. We’ve seen it in the media. We think there is a certain way how it has to be. Sometimes we want to make it different because we’ve experienced how it didn’t work well or we want to parent similar to what we’ve seen from others.

There is deep, deep conditioning in this. The generalized way I wrote about this. It is our past.

It is not just conditioning through our family and our culture it goes far back to our ancestors we’ve never known. There are certain patterns humanity has lived in for thousands of years. Yes, they have changed over time. We now have plenty of single parents. We have parents of the same sex or people raising their kids in communities.

The fact that we have fewer marriages than in past centuries and a lot of people raising their children alone shows us how the background frequency changes.

This is the time for the individual. Love yourself first. Get to know yourself. Then, you make the bonds that are healthy for you.