I wanted to be better and make the world a better place. I wanted to be on it, to feel that I’m on track. I wanted to have more structure, see the steps that I have to take.

After all the work that I’d done, after all the courses that I’d taken, after all the reflecting, learning, practicing, trying this and that, I wanted to see some real progress.

Trust, trust, all the time. When are the first results coming?

There you go… this can happen when you have an open Ego trying to prove your worth. Plus an open G-Center and the Mind hooking into the theme of looking for love and direction. Well, I do have no Center and no Channel defined. Gate 18 four times in the Chart. There is always something that can be improved. I see it.

To be natural and authentic is difficult when you identify with things that are not your nature. 

With an open Ego, I have nothing to prove. With an open G-Center love and direction ‘finds’ me through applying my process-based Authority for making correct decisions. Now, I start to feel what trust really is…

3/5  and sometimes not.