I remember for a long time I thought I was very sensitive to circumstances that seemed similar to events from my childhood and teenage years that fitted in the Trauma category. The identification was deep and the body was involved. Written below is my personal view and experience.

These so-called traumatic events, that I’d experienced in the past, seemed to have an ongoing influence in my life. For example, during a training in a large group when we talked about trauma I was so overwhelmed by different sensations that I had to be taken out of the group. I cried a lot and only a few hours in nature by myself brought relief. But I wanted to be free. My mind thought I need to get rid of it, to heal it. 

During that year-long training, I started to take therapeutic sessions. Additionally, I was trying to resolve the traumatic memories from my cells with all sorts of practices and self-help techniques. It was in my mind and in my body. To a huge part, my mind and false identifications with things had amped this up.

Now, after studying Human Design for a while and experimenting with Living my Design this all has become irrelevant. It’s incredible. 
It is no longer on my mind. And my body changes as well.

Two things:

  1. If I would have been raised according to my type I would not have been in overwhelming situations that were not correct for me. Raise your kids according to their Design!
  2. I have nine open centers. With these open centers, I take in and amplify the energies, emotions, pressure, etc… of other people. None of it is my own. 

There is no point to work on something that was never my own in the first place. I have no proof of this. It’s not about making a point. From my perspective, there is only to Live your Design. Nothing else.

We enter into things correctly and we meet what we are designed to deal with, nothing more, nothing less. No trauma. Just Self in the correct environment with the correct people. And life can be beautiful.