Really Stress-Free

Each of us wants a life with less stress. We want that all is running smoothly and life is just good.
When you think about this is that possible?
There is always a solution to a problem. Right? And there is a way. It’s our choice. We are in charge of it.
Before you start to argue with me let me tell you a little story.
Living in a peaceful community and being happy 
There was a time in my life when I had a dream to live peacefully. My plan was to find or create a community with lots of nice people who all want to live a great life, have fun, serve people and do something for the greater good. 
I’ve heard all these sweet messages of spiritual communities and organizations who had build “happiness” places. These places do exist. There are many of them. But the place is still part of the system. As much as it tries to sustain itself it will still be part of something bigger. It cannot segregate itself fully from the environment.
We can choose
My point is, as much as you are on your way to creating a life of happiness, peace, and joy you are still part of all human beings on earth.
You can choose to live in a happy community. You can choose to live in a place far from struggle and noise. And you can live a happy life without stress.
I had the opportunity and great chance to live for almost one year in a completely different environment in Zimbabwe.
It was far from all the noise and stress I experienced in Germany. During this time I deeply connected with the earth and nature. At the end of the planned stay, things changed.
Life happened through me
My wish was to stay there but life was happening. The officials didn’t give me a residence permit. I had to go back to Germany and live in the city. 
Yes, I could have chosen differently. I could have chosen to live in a village in Germany. But these decisions didn’t make sense when I looked at the bigger picture. I could choose. 
As described earlier we cannot segregate ourselves from the people, places and the world around us. My decision brought new growth and many challenges. I decided to live in the city where my son was close to his dad and mum and was able to connect with his “old” friends after his time away with me in Zimbabwe.
I was stressed at times. I didn’t like to live in the city in the beginning, I hated to see all the people with the grumpy faces. It made me feel sick to see all the consumption and destruction of nature to build new shopping-, entertainment centers, and roads.
It was not possible to live in peace, to be happy and to be stress-free.
Here is the deal
We have to look at it differently. Life will always give us opportunities to learn and evolve. That’s what we are naturally turning to. We want to grow.
Our being is designed to grow.
When we have the skills to experience the situation in a different way everything changes.
I learned the skills to see it in a new way. I started to develop peace and happiness within. I can be in a stressful environment and choose to feel peace within me at the same time. I’m not claiming to have developed this ability fully but I’m on my way. 
To go back to Germany was the biggest chance to move towards my goals and to define them in the first place, to learn all the tools I needed to prepare to go back to Zimbabwe at a later date. I wouldn’t have been able to do all of this when I had stayed there.
You can learn to engage with life’s challenges in a different way too.
Practice and be ready
It is an ongoing practice to connect with your inner self again and again and to connect with the environment repeatedly. It takes awareness to bring the pieces together and make the right decisions for a better life. The stress and challenges are part of it. When we are ready and have the skills at hand it is easier to engage with it. Instead of avoiding parts of life we live it more fully.
Take it all and be your all
To wrap this up challenges, obstacles, unpleasant situations are all part of life and it is your choice how you engage with it and live your life. 
Consider this: When you try to avoid these situations life will show up with them in one way or the other wouldn’t it be the best to be ready for it?