The Day I Gave up Control

Jesus. No, I’m not a Christian. But, Jesus, don’t people say that when they are blown away by something or someone?

Often, when I tell people my story about the time when I decided to move to Zimbabwe for a longer period with my, then 8-year-old son, they are some sort of blown away.

Have you ever made a life-changing decision and people thought you are out of your mind?

I mean, somehow I was out of my mind.

I gave up my job, my apartment, and all the things like furniture and our car which I once thought were a big accomplishment.

I canceled all contracts, insurances. Tari said goodbye to his friends at school.

Goodbye Germany.

Africa, Zimbabwe, I had never been there before.

How would we live? What would we eat? How would we get along with the people there? We neither were used to speaking English nor had Tari been to an English speaking school before. What about diseases and dangerous situations? All of these questions and more had been almost dissolved when we stood at the airport in Munich on the 2nd of November 2013.

I had given up control to take off for a life-transforming adventure.