During my journey over the last years, I’ve learned groundbreaking tools. In deepening my connection with nature I deepened the connection with myself.

I searched. I learned. I practiced. I changed. I transformed.

I know why I do what I do and I keep going.

I create the change I desire.

Deep inside everyone desires to change certain areas in life. Either it is a change in a current circumstance or a change in form of improvement. Getting better at something. Getting clearer with something.

Many of us, like I was, are too much in the mind, living after concepts, or having a lot of ideas on how to make an impact to end up being overwhelmed and confused with it.

We need to dig deeper and unravel what is the next step.

What if you decide to go for it? You decide to explore what is your true role in the constantly changing world.

You go for it.

Step by step. You feel better. Clearer. On Purpose. Day by day.

Let’s make this work!

We are part of this ever-changing system. We are born to evolve and transform within it.

You’ve experienced moments of deep connection when you’ve created something. A piece of music. An album. You performed on a stage. You wrote a book. You felt peak moments and you felt the breakdown afterward.

You asked yourself if you are not from this planet? You felt not as part of your society. You don’t even know what is your culture. You travel a lot and get in contact with many different people. There are times when you feel like a stranger even within your own community.

There are times of obsession. You just can’t do anything else than thinking about your new project. But then, you don’t know where to start or you lack the discipline to get it done. You feel discouraged and unmotivated. You feel like a failure.

Let’s find out how you can be your best version, feel clear, on track, feel belonging and as a part of your community, the society, and the whole planet no matter what is going on in your life.

What if you would know how to make an even greater change in the world?

You develop new trust in yourself and in life. You gain confidence to deal with all the challenges in your daily life. You know how to act on your ideas and most importantly you identify which are the ones to focus on right now.

What is Nature Connected Coaching?


I, as your Coach, focus on embodied mindfulness and use the natural world as an extension of self to help you solve personal and professional problems and find deeper meaning and purpose in your life.



What others say:

As a facilitator and trainer myself, it was refreshing to learn a different way to work on my own issues, through Maitari’s coaching. A few times I recognized words and phrases that I’ve used with my own clients, yet they sounded so profound and timely coming from her and so made a greater impact on my recognition of what they meant and how I could apply them. Sami Aaron, Master Facilitator and Trainer for North America for The Nature Process®, Olathe, Kansas, http://www.beingontosomething.org/

Through the work with Maitari, I was able to connect to Oneness. A state of being where there is no separation between anything.  The safe space Maitari Simone held for this incredible experience enabled this phenomena to happen and I’m forever grateful. – Sara J. Sanderson, Your Spiritual Ambassador, Sheffield, UK

How?: The Coaching session will be held online via Zoom. You can connect with me from the comfort of your home or wherever you are in the world. A smartphone, tablet or computer is required to use Zoom.

Your next step: Before we dive into coaching let’s have a conversation. Let’s connect on Zoom for thirty minutes and see if we are a good match. I find it neither serves you nor me if we start working together to only find out that it’s not the right thing. It’s important to get a feel for each-other first.

Choices:  Working with me goes deep and is profound. I offer two different coaching packages.

One season package: Three months-long packages including six sessions (one session a sixty min.) taking place every fortnight including unlimited email support during the journey.

Two seasons package: Six months-long packages including twelve sessions and unlimited email support during the journey.

We can talk about what is the best choice for you in our first conversation.  Reach out to me here!

Be aware: I’m not someone who is finding the solution for you. I will not give you the answers to your questions. I will not solve your problems.

All that is described above and at the we can do it page concerning the coaching results is based on opinion and personal experience. There is neither a promise nor a guarantee for specific results.

The process is depending on various aspects. One of it is your personal willingness and ability to change. Another aspect is the truth uncovered by nature. You may have certain ideas or expectations but be aware that nature can guide us in a different direction in that which we have to grow right now. That might be far from what we’d expected. But the more powerful it is.

What I do promise is that I will support you in the best possible way. I’ll do everything that is in my capacity to help you grow and evolve.

You have to do your part!

Are you ready? Make a change now and connect with me via the contact page!