Why I do what I do?

I knew since a long time that there is a way to create change in the world. We have to acknowledge first that it’s not the others or the outer world. We have to start looking within ourselves first.

We are not meant to stay in the struggle and experience similar challenges over and over again which are restricting our competence to feel that we are growing and evolving.

Just like everything in nature is unique so is each individual. The truth is that everyone can cultivate a bond with nature. From this connection, we can grow into a confident person, change our lives, have greater influence to not only support those around us but also on behalf of the planet.

When I was a kid and visited my grandparents usually you would find me in front of the TV watching “Winnetou” movies.

My curiosity about foreign cultures and other ways to live, the untamed nature and wild animals called my attention.

I read books about peoples experiences in Africa. I learned about the indigenous cultures of North- and South America. I was astounded by their deep connection with nature and how they live according to the natural laws.

When I read about the colonization in different parts of the world I cried. When I heard about the apartheid I was devastated. My heart was in pain. Even though this happened in the past effects of these events are still at play.

In 2013 I lived in Zimbabwe for ten months. Again I experienced how much separation still existed between the cultures. I couldn’t make sense of it. For me, it didn’t matter which color a person had. Which culture they belonged to. Which religion they believed in. Where they came from.

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Everyone matters.

We can get to know each other better, connect with others on a new level, feeling a deeper connection with ourselves, other people, and with life.


Part of my mission is to kill the segregation between different cultures, humans of a different color, heritage, or religion.


In helping people to think and act differently. In supporting people to start making the changes within themselves first.

Humans and Nature

I explored the connection between humans and nature for almost three years now. I am certified as Nature Connected Coach since September 2017.

Through my nature connection, I grew out of my struggle. I learned from nature how to feel competent moving towards my goals. My bond with nature has given me so much. I feel the need to give something back.

You too can discover more about yourself and about your nature connection and how this helps you to deal with anything in your life.

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