Why I do what I do?

I knew since a long time that there is a way to create change in the world. In fact, change is happening rapidly everywhere. My question now has become: How are we as humans taking a stand in the middle of the challenges of the world?

My source of inspiration is nature. In nature, I can see and experience how everything is connected. Nature has no labels. Nature unites.

When I was a kid and visited my grandparents usually you would find me in front of the TV watching “Winnetou” movies.

My curiosity about foreign cultures and other ways to live, the untamed nature and wild animals called my attention.

As a teenager, I read books about peoples experiences in Africa. I learned about the indigenous cultures of North- and South America. I was astounded by their deep connection with nature and how they live in harmony with it.

Later, when I read about the colonization I cried. When I heard about the apartheid I was devastated. My heart was in pain. Even though this happened in the past effects of these events are still at play.

In 2013 I lived in Zimbabwe for ten months. Again, I experienced how much separation still existed between people especially with different color. I couldn’t make sense of it. For me, it didn’t matter which color a person had, which culture they belonged to, which religion they believed in, where they came from.

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Everyone matters.

For this, I take a stand.

Part of my mission is to end the separation between different cultures, humans of a different color, heritage, or religion.

My experiences in Zimbabwe changed me profoundly. I have a deep belief in the strength of the people of Zimbabwe. I know that this place has huge potential for exponential growth.

In the long run, I will go back to Zimbabwe and build a sanctuary, education, and training center there, but that’s another piece. For now, I’ll start with this online business.

The world is much more beautiful when we curiously connect with others and in seeing others from this place we can learn a lot about ourselves.

What is your part in this?

I help people to think and act differently.

I support people to find out what they stand for. This can be something you have not even dreamed of. We dig deep. You have to be willing to take some risks.

If you already know what you stand for do you feel satisfied with your influence?

Is the contribution you make to your community absolutely fulfilling? Or, do you have nagging voices creeping in your mind telling you there is more?

I am here to come along with you and support you in that crazy adventure of life to leave an impactful legacy.

Let’s connect! Get in contact with me now!