*Why Try to be Different – You are Perfect
*Why Try to be Different – You are Perfect

*Why Try to be Different – You are Perfect

Some people seem to repeat that same pattern in their life over and over again. Having the same relationship challenges with various partners or not finding the one. After changing jobs still feeling not fulfilled with their work. Health issues here and there. Or life seems to have a hang on them bringing obstacle after obstacle. 

That’s what they think, and/or perceive how things are for them or they judge the obstacles as ‘wrong’. For some mistakes are perfectly correct and part of their trajectory.

People go to the therapist, they read all the self-help books, they follow the schedule, they keep on with the practice, still, some things don’t work out or problems keep reoccurring. Something seems to be wrong with life. Or with them. Or they don’t get it.

Having tried everything the results are not satisfying. They are not at peace. They don’t feel successful. Life doesn’t surprise. 

It goes on and on. It feels like dragging through the years rather than enjoying life and feeling that they are on track (without knowing the goal of that track).

When people remain homogenizing their views of how life has to look like or others tell them how things should be and they live that it is detrimental to their potential and to their health.

Everything is in them. It’s not about the outer results of living false lives. Everyone has to start living their own life and do this in a radical way without letting the mind be in control.

You have the potential. See and accept the limitation. Experiment and explore what it is to be really you, no need to be someone else.