Every one of us has been conditioned from birth on by our family, the people around us, the society, the culture we lived in. We grew into specific circumstances that influenced us. Whether we liked it or not. Whether we noticed it or not. Whether we were aware of it or not.

We copied behavior to be part of the tribe. We learned how to be a good citizen of our country, or not. Some of our trades were for pure survival. Some for rebellion. Some came out of helplessness. Many times we felt lost. We wanted to be seen. We tried to prove our worth. We wanted to show that we were better than the other or at least of some value. More than we perceived was given to us.

As children, we could not just go out into the world and do our thing. We needed the safety and security of our home. Even, if it was not always the best or easy to live in.

In one way or the other, many of the outer circumstances have taken us away from who we are. Layers of conditioning even from earlier generations have added up to who we think we are. If we try to change and be someone different than what nature has given to us we will never be fulfilled. We live within false layers. Assumptions, pretensions, a deep fallacy.

We might endlessly think about things that do not matter. We might try to attract attention. We might look for love and direction outside of us instead of finding it within. Oh, so many do look there. We might try to prove our worth and make promises that we cannot keep. We might hold onto relationships, jobs, places that are not good for us. We might try to be free of the pressure that seems to haunt us. We might run away from the truth, avoid confrontation, and pretend everything is fine.

Nature has given us something perfect and beautiful. We can see it presented in our Human Design BodyGraph. This ‘being’ that we can observe and experience in this life is beyond layers of conditioning.

You do not have to fit in or to stand out. 
You have to be you.